Managementpolitik Böwe Elektrik
Böwe Elektrik

The corporate policy is set by the Management Board of BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH based on the international quality and environmental rules of the automotive industry and is aimed at fulfilling, within a coordinated management system and with all available means, the interests of interested parties and in particular of:

•    the customers,
•    the shareholders,
•    the company,
•    the environment,
•    the suppliers and
•    all employees.

The overriding principle is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction based on a coordinated management system. The management policy acts as the work instruction at all levels of the company and is made known to every employee by means of public presentations and training. The company’s shareholders are continually striving to increase the company’s market presence by increasing national and international business activity. BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH is an important economic and social factor for the region.
At BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH we seek to maximise profit with an optimal personnel structure. The full consideration of the environment and safety at work is key in meeting the needs of society. The quality of products, profitability and protection of the environment are for us objectives of equal ranking. The protection of the environment concerns all processes and behaviour in the company. This includes above all the economic use of resources and the prevention of incidents and the minimisation of their impact. The health and safety of our employees is an integral part of the corporate philosophy. Safety at work is the responsibility of the Management Board, line managers and all employees. They all work equally responsibly on the implementation of safety measures. It is everyone’s duty to point out hazards identified and everyone has the right to remove potential dangers.
Lager Böwe Elektrik Kraftsdorf
Lager Böwe
BÖWE-Elektrik GmbH selects suppliers suitable for its economic objectives and organises a close medium and long-term cooperation with them. Great importance is attached to the continual development of coordinated management systems. Employee training plays a prominent role in achieving the corporate objectives. Trained and qualified personnel perform the work required in all areas of the company. Management has a duty to create and promote a sense of responsibility for the environment among all employees. The high motivation of employees and their social integration into the company are key features of the corporate policy.
The zero-defect strategy is key for the success of the company and all employees play a part in its implementation.
The Management Board makes its contribution to the implementation of the zero-defect strategy by creating and continually optimising a suitable working environment. It channels all activities consistently towards the preventive avoidance of defects ahead of the reactive identification of defects. In all activities the intention is to take preventive action so that the corporate objectives are met taking into account effectiveness and efficiency while at the same time preventing internal and external losses, the probability of occurrence of defects is minimised and a repeated occurrence of a defect is eliminated. In realising the zero-defect strategy, all employees operate with the clear knowledge that the quality of their work is of prime importance for the continued existence and further development of the company. Every employee is responsible for the quality of his work and protecting the environment and contributes in teamwork, based on an internal customer-supplier relationship, to the overall quality of the services provided.
The company achieves continual improvement through ideas and concepts for the initiation and implementation of company-wide quality and productivity improvement programmes which go beyond corrective and preventive action. It is supported by team-oriented and cross-departmental solutions. We also try to keep an eye on and minimise the possible effects of our business activities on the environment. The improvement process is promoted by the Management Board with their active involvement and by making all necessary means available.
All phases of product and production process development are planned carefully. At the same time, standards, rules and statutory regulations are complied with and in particular the demands of customers are taken into account. The quality of products is achieved by the planning of all necessary measures before and during order processing and by the systematic monitoring of all processes in product manufacture. Laws and regulations relating to protection of the environment are also strictly adhered to. The Management Board has appointed the Management Representative to assist them in the implementation, monitoring and further development of the management system.

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